Our Vision

Collaboration and innovation is widely desired but hard to get. To try and find a solution, we at Ikigai, give you a co-working space that seeks to empower you in all aspects of life. Support in your business, seminars and workshops and a community you can count on to help you succeed and grow.

Our Story

In 2016, Anant Agarwal wanted to start his own business after returning from a seven-year-stint in the United States. With experience in Mumbai's real estate, Anant sought to do more to create a community and to put his technology degree to better use. Fast-forward to mid-2018, a more refined idea presented itself - Ikigai. Creating a community and engaging it wasn't the only thing; incubation, causes, events, education, a wider spectrum opened up and this time multiple people yearned to create something for everyone. Your happy place, your Wellness-oriented-Work place. Literally, WoW.

Meet the Team

Our team strives to give you the best value for your time spent at Ikigai. Our philosophy centers around pushing boundaries and making things happen. For any help please reach out to us.


Anant Agarwal

Business Manager

Graduating from Georgia Tech in 2013, Anant has always strived to do new things and find solutions. Having worked at big companies and startups, he aims to help people in any way possible.